Title 43


Subpart E - Miscellaneous

43: 404.53
   404.53 Does this rule provide authority for the transfer of pre-existing facilities from Federal to private ownership, or from private to Federal ownership
43: 404.54
   404.54 Who will hold title to a rural water project that is constructed following the completion of an appraisal investigation or feasibility study under this program
43: 404.55
   404.55 Who is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and replacement costs
43: 404.56
   404.56 If a financial assistance agreement is entered into for a rural water supply project that benefits more than one Indian tribe, is the approval of each Indian tribe required
43: 404.57
   404.57 Does this rule have any affect on state water law
43: 404.58
   404.58 Do rural water projects authorized before the enactment of the Rural Water Supply Act of 2006 have to comply with the requirements in this rule
43: 404.59
   404.59 If the Secretary recommends a project for construction, is that a promise of Federal funding
43: 404.60
   404.60 Does this rule contain an information collection that requires approval by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)