Title 43


Subpart A - Filing Requirements

43: 3835.1
   3835.1 How do I qualify for a waiver
43: 3835.10
   3835.10 How do I request a waiver
43: 3835.11
   3835.11 What special filing and reporting requirements pertain to the different types of waivers
43: 3835.12
   3835.12 What are my obligations once I receive a waiver
43: 3835.13
   3835.13 How long do the waivers last and how do I renew them
43: 3835.14
   3835.14 How do I submit a small miner waiver request for newly-recorded mining claims
43: 3835.15
   3835.15 If I qualify as a small miner, how do I apply for a waiver if I paid the maintenance fee in the last assessment year
43: 3835.16
   3835.16 If I am a qualified small miner, and I obtained a waiver in one assessment year, what must I do if I want to pay the maintenance fee for the following assessment year
43: 3835.17
   3835.17 What additional requirements must I fulfill to obtain a small miner waiver for my mining claims or sites on National Park System lands