Title 40

SECTION 94.910

94.910 Granting of exemptions.

§ 94.910 Granting of exemptions.

(a) If upon completion of the review of an exemption request made pursuant to § 94.905 or § 94.908, EPA determines it is appropriate to grant such an exemption, a memorandum of exemption is to be prepared and submitted to the person requesting the exemption. The memorandum is to set forth the basis for the exemption, its scope, and such terms and conditions as are deemed necessary. Such terms and conditions generally include, but are not limited to, agreements by the applicant to conduct the exempt activity in the manner described to EPA, create and maintain adequate records accessible to EPA at reasonable times, employ labels for the exempt engines setting forth the nature of the exemption, take appropriate measures to assure that the terms of the exemption are met, and advise EPA of the termination of the activity and the ultimate disposition of the engines.

(b) Any exemption granted pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section is deemed to cover any subject engine only to the extent that the specified terms and conditions are complied with. A breach of any term or condition causes the exemption to be void ab initio with respect to any engine. Consequently, the causing or the performing of an act prohibited under § 94.1103(a)(1) or (a)(3), other than in strict conformity with all terms and conditions of this exemption, renders the person to whom the exemption is granted, and any other person to whom the provisions of § 94.1103(a) are applicable, liable to suit under sections 204 and 205 of the Act.