Title 40


94.6 Regulatory structure.

§ 94.6 Regulatory structure.

This section provides an overview of the regulatory structure of this part.

(a) The regulations of this Part 94 are intended to control emissions from in-use marine engines.

(b) The engines for which the regulations of this part (i.e., 40 CFR part 94) apply are specified by § 94.1, and by the definitions of § 94.2. The point at which an engine or vessel becomes subject to the regulations of this part is determined by the definitions of new marine engine and new marine vessel in § 94.2. Subpart J of this part contains provisions exempting certain engines and vessels from the emission standards in this part under special circumstances.

(c) To comply with the requirements of this part, a manufacturer must demonstrate to EPA that the engine meets the applicable standards of §§ 94.7 and 94.8, and all other requirements of this part. The requirements of this certification process are described in subparts C and D of this part.

(d) Subpart B of this part specifies procedures and equipment to be used for conducting emission tests for the purpose of the regulations of this part.

(e) Subparts E, F, and H of this part specify requirements for manufacturers after certification; that is during production and use of the engines.

(f) Subpart I of this part contains requirements applicable to the importation of marine engines covered by the provisions of this part.

(g) Subpart L of this part describes prohibited acts and contains other enforcement provisions relating to marine engines and vessels covered by the provisions of this part.

(h) Unless specified otherwise, the provisions of this part apply to all marine engines and vessels subject to the emission standards of this part.