Title 40

SECTION 94.513

94.513 Request for public hearing.

§ 94.513 Request for public hearing.

(a) If the manufacturer disagrees with the Administrator's decision to suspend or revoke a certificate or disputes the basis for an automatic suspension pursuant to § 94.512(a), the manufacturer may request a public hearing.

(b) The manufacturer's request shall be filed with the Administrator not later than 30 days after the Administrator's notification of his or her decision to suspend or revoke, unless otherwise specified by the Administrator. The manufacturer shall simultaneously serve two copies of this request upon the Designated Officer and file two copies with the Hearing Clerk of the Agency. Failure of the manufacturer to request a hearing within the time provided constitutes a waiver of the right to a hearing. Subsequent to the expiration of the period for requesting a hearing as of right, the Administrator may, in his or her discretion and for good cause shown, grant the manufacturer a hearing to contest the suspension or revocation.

(c) A manufacturer shall include in the request for a public hearing:

(1) A statement as to which configuration(s) within a family is to be the subject of the hearing;

(2) A concise statement of the issues to be raised by the manufacturer at the hearing, except that in the case of the hearing requested under § 94.512(j), the hearing is restricted to the following issues:

(i) Whether tests have been properly conducted (specifically, whether the tests were conducted in accordance with applicable regulations under this part and whether test equipment was properly calibrated and functioning);

(ii) Whether there exists a basis for distinguishing engines produced at plants other than the one from which engines were selected for testing which would invalidate the Administrator's decision under § 94.512(c));

(3) A statement specifying reasons why the manufacturer believes it will prevail on the merits of each of the issues raised; and

(4) A summary of the evidence which supports the manufacturer's position on each of the issues raised.

(d) A copy of all requests for public hearings will be kept on file in the Office of the Hearing Clerk and will be made available to the public during Agency business hours.