Title 40

SECTION 94.506

94.506 Test procedures.

§ 94.506 Test procedures.

(a)(1) For engines subject to the provisions of this subpart, the prescribed test procedures are those procedures described in Subpart B of this part, except as provided in this section.

(2) The Administrator may, on the basis of a written application by a manufacturer, prescribe test procedures other than those specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section for any engine he/she determines is not susceptible to satisfactory testing using procedures specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(3) If test procedures other than those in Subpart B of this part were used in certification of the engine family being tested under this subpart (other than alternate test procedures necessary for testing of a development engine instead of a low hour engine under § 94.9), the manufacturer shall use the test procedures used in certification for production line testing.

(b)(1) The manufacturer may not adjust, repair, prepare, modify, or perform any emission test on any test engine unless this adjustment, repair, preparation, modification and/or test is documented in the manufacturer's engine assembly and inspection procedures and is actually performed by the manufacturer or unless this adjustment, repair, preparation, modification and/or test is required or permitted under this subpart or is approved in advance by the Administrator.

(2) Any adjustable engine parameter must be set to values or positions that are within the range specified in the approved application for certification.

(3) The Administrator may adjust or require to be adjusted any engine parameter which the Administrator has determined to be subject to adjustment for certification and production line testing, to any setting within the specified adjustable range of that parameter, as determined by the Administrator, prior to the performance of any test.

(c) Service Accumulation/Green Engine Factor. The manufacturer shall accumulate up to 300 hours of service on the engines to be tested. In lieu of conducting such service accumulation, the manufacturer may establish a Green Engine Factor for each regulated pollutant for each engine family to be used in calculating emissions test results. The manufacturer shall obtain the approval of the Administrator prior to using a Green Engine Factor.

(d) The manufacturer may not perform any maintenance on test engines after selection for testing.

(e) If an engine is shipped to a facility other than the production facility for production line testing, and an adjustment or repair is necessary because of such shipment, the engine manufacturer must perform the necessary adjustment or repair only after the initial test of the engine, except where the Administrator has determined that the test would be impossible to perform or would permanently damage the engine.

(f) If an engine cannot complete the service accumulation or an emission test, because of a malfunction, the manufacturer may request that the Administrator authorize either the repair of that engine or its deletion from the test sequence.

(g) Retesting. If an engine manufacturer determines that any production line emission test of an engine is invalid, the engine must be retested in accordance with the requirements of this subpart. Emission results from all tests must be reported to EPA, including test results the manufacturer determines are invalid. The engine manufacturer must also include a detailed explanation of the reasons for invalidating any test in the quarterly report required in § 94.508(e). In the event a retest is performed, a request may be made to the Administrator, within ten days of the end of the production quarter, for permission to substitute the after-repair test results for the original test results. The Administrator will either affirm or deny the request by the engine manufacturer within ten working days from receipt of the request.