Title 40

SECTION 94.220

94.220 Service accumulation.

§ 94.220 Service accumulation.

(a) Each test emission data engine in the test fleet may be operated with all emission control systems operating properly for a period, up to 125 hours of operation, that is sufficient to stabilize emissions.

(b) Durability data engines shall accumulate service in a manner which will represent the emission levels from in-use engines over their full useful life, consistent with good engineering judgement.

(1) Components may be removed from the engine and aged separately.

(2) End of useful life emission levels and deterioration factors may be projected from durability data engines which have completed less than full useful life service accumulation, provided that the amount of service accumulation completed and projection procedures are determined using good engineering judgement.

(c) No maintenance, other than recommended lubrication and filter changes or maintenance otherwise allowed by this part, may be performed during service accumulation without the Administrator's approval.

(d) The manufacturer must maintain, and provide to the Administrator if requested, records stating the rationale for selecting the service accumulation period and records describing the method used to accumulate service hours on the test engine(s).