Title 40

SECTION 94.212

94.212 Labeling.

§ 94.212 Labeling.

(a) General requirements. (1) Each new engine covered by a certificate of conformity under § 94.208 shall be labeled by the manufacturer in the manner described in this paragraph (b) of this section at the time of manufacture.

(2) Each new marine engine modified from a base engine by post-manufacture marinizers in accordance with the provisions of § 94.209 (b) and covered by a certificate of conformity under § 94.208 shall be labeled by the PMM in the manner described in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Engine labels. Engine labels meeting the specifications of this section shall be applied to every engine by the manufacturer at the point of original manufacture. Engine labels shall be permanent and legible and shall be affixed to the engine in a position in which it will be readily visible after installation of the engine in the vessel. The label shall be attached to an engine part necessary for normal operation and not normally requiring replacement during the useful life of the engine. The label shall be affixed by the manufacturer in such manner that it cannot be removed without destroying or defacing the label. The label shall not be affixed to any equipment which is easily detached from such engine. The label may be not be made up of more than one piece without the advance approval of the Administrator. The label shall contain the following information lettered in the English language in block letters and numerals, which shall be of a color that contrasts with the background of the label:

(1) The label heading: Marine Engine Emission Control Information.

(2) Full corporate name and trademark of the manufacturer.

(3) The model year.

(4) The per-cylinder displacement of the engine.

(5) Engine family and configuration identification.

(6) A prominent unconditional statement of compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations that apply to marine compression-ignition engines.

(7) The useful life of the engine, unless the applicable useful life is based on the provisions of § 94.9(a)(1).

(8) The standards and/or FELs to which the engine was certified.

(9) Engine tune-up specifications and adjustments, as recommended by the manufacturer in accordance with the applicable emission standards, including but not limited to idle speeds(s), injection timing, valve lash (as applicable), as well as other parameters deemed necessary by the manufacturer.

(10) The application for which the engine family is certified. (For example: constant-speed auxiliary, variable-speed propulsion engines used with fixed-pitch propellers, recreational, etc.)

(c) The provisions of this section shall not prevent a manufacturer from also providing on the label any other information that such manufacturer deems necessary for, or useful to, the proper operation and satisfactory maintenance of the vessel or engine.

(d) Engines certified under the voluntary standards described in § 94.8(f) to be designated as Blue Sky Series engines must contain the statement on the label: “Blue Sky Series”.

(e) If an engine can be modified to operate on residual fuel, but has not been certified to meet the standards on such a fuel, it must contain the statement on the label: “THIS ENGINE IS CERTIFIED FOR OPERATION ONLY WITH DISTILLATE DIESEL FUEL. MODIFYING THE ENGINE TO OPERATE ON RESIDUAL FUEL MAY BE A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW SUBJECT TO CIVIL PENALTIES.” The Administrator may approve alternate language.

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