Title 40

SECTION 94.209

94.209 Special provisions for post-manufacture marinizers and small-volume manufacturers.

§ 94.209 Special provisions for post-manufacture marinizers and small-volume manufacturers.

The provisions of this section apply for Category 1 and Category 2 engines, but not for Category 3 engines.

(a) Broader engine families. Instead of the requirements of § 94.204, an engine family may consist of any or all of a manufacturer's engines within a given category. This does not change any of the requirements of this part for showing that an engine family meets emission standards. To be eligible to use the provisions of this paragraph (a), the manufacturer must demonstrate one of the following:

(1) It is a post-manufacture marinizer and that the base engines used for modification have a valid certificate of conformity issued under 40 CFR part 89 or 40 CFR part 92 or the heavy-duty engine provisions of 40 CFR part 86.

(2) It is a small-volume manufacturer.

(b) Hardship relief. Post-manufacture marinizers, small-volume manufacturers, and small-volume boat builders may take any of the otherwise prohibited actions identified in § 94.1103(a)(1) if approved in advance by the Administrator, subject to the following requirements:

(1) Application for relief must be submitted to the Designated Officer in writing prior to the earliest date in which the applying manufacturer would be in violation of § 94.1103. The manufacturer must submit evidence showing that the requirements for approval have been met.

(2) The conditions causing the impending violation must not be substantially the fault of the applying manufacturer.

(3) The conditions causing the impending violation must jeopardize the solvency of the applying manufacturer if relief is not granted.

(4) The applying manufacturer must demonstrate that no other allowances under this part will be available to avoid the impending violation.

(5) Any relief may not exceed one year beyond the date relief is granted.

(6) The Administrator may impose other conditions on the granting of relief including provisions to recover the lost environmental benefit.

(7) The manufacturer must add a permanent, legible label, written in block letters in English, to a readily visible part of each engine exempted under this paragraph (b).

This label must include at least the following items:


(ii) Your corporate name and trademark.

(iii) Engine displacement (in liters), rated power, and model year of the engine or whom to contact for further information.


(c) Extension of deadlines. Small-volume manufacturers may use the provisions of 40 CFR 1068.250 to ask for an extension of a deadline to meet emission standards. We may require that you use available base engines that have been certified to emission standards for land-based engines until you are able to produce engines certified to the requirements of this part.

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