Title 40

SECTION 85.530

85.530 Vehicle/engine labels and packaging labels.

§ 85.530 Vehicle/engine labels and packaging labels.

(a) The following labeling requirements apply for clean alternative fuel conversion manufacturers to qualify for an exemption from the tampering prohibition:

(1) You must make a supplemental emission control information label for each clean alternative fuel conversion system.

(2) On the supplemental label you must identify the OEM vehicles/engines for which you authorize the use of your clean alternative fuel conversion system, consistent with the requirements of this subpart. You may do this by identifying the OEM test group/engine family names and original model year to which your conversion is applicable as described in § 85.510(b)(1) or § 85.510(b)(2), § 85.515(b)(10)(ii), or § 85.520(b)(6)(ii). Your commercial packaging materials must also clearly describe this information.

(3) You must include the following on the supplemental label:

(i) You must state that the vehicle/engine has been equipped with a clean alternative fuel conversion system designed to allow it to operate on a fuel other than the fuel it was originally certified to operate on. Identify the fuel or fuels the vehicle/engine is designed to use and provide a unique conversion test group/conversion engine family name and conversion evaporative/refueling emissions family name.

(ii) You must identify your corporate name, address, and telephone number.

(iii) You must include one of the following statements that describes how you comply under this subpart and any applicable mileage or age restrictions due to how compliance was demonstrated:

(A) “This clean alternative fuel conversion system has been certified to meet EPA emission standards.”

(B) “Testing has shown that this clean alternative fuel conversion system meets EPA emission standards under the intermediate age vehicle/engine program.”

(C) “This conversion system is for the purpose of use of a clean alternative fuel in accordance with EPA regulations and is applicable only to vehicles/engines that are older than 11 years or 120,000 miles.” (Values must be adjusted to reflect OEM useful life; useful life in hours should be added, if applicable).

(iv) State the following: “This conversion was manufactured and installed consistent with the principles of good engineering judgment and all U.S. EPA regulations.”

(4) On the supplemental label, you must identify any original parts that will be removed for the conversion and any associated changes in maintenance specifications.

(5) On the supplemental label, you must include the date of conversion and the mileage of the vehicle/engine at the time of conversion. Include the hours of operation instead of mileage, if applicable.

(b) The supplemental emission control information label shall be placed in a permanent manner adjacent to the vehicle's/engine's original emission control information label if possible. If it is impractical to place the supplemental label adjacent to the original label, it must be placed where it will be seen by a person viewing the original label on a part that is needed for normal operation and does not normally need replacement. If the supplemental label information cannot fit on one label, the information can be logically split among two labels that are both near the original VECI or engine label.

(c) All information provided on clean alternative fuel conversion system packaging must be consistent with the required vehicle/engine labeling information.

(d) Examples of all labeling and warranty information must be provided as part of the application for certification or notification process.

(e) The marketing material and label information for a given conversion system must be consistent with the conversion manufacturer's demonstration/notification to EPA for that system.