Title 40

SECTION 85.2115

85.2115 Notification of intent to certify.

§ 85.2115 Notification of intent to certify.

(a) At least 45 days prior to the sale of any certified automotive aftermarket part, notification of the intent to certify must be received by the Office Director.

(1) The notification shall include:

(i) Identification of each part to be certified; and.

(ii) Identification of all vehicle or engine configurations for which the part is being certified including make(s), model(s), year(s), engine size(s) and all other specific configuration characteristics necessary to assure that the part will not be installed in any configuration for which it has not been certified; and

(iii) All determinations, demonstrations, technical rationale, and documentation provided in § 85.2114; and

(iv) Any and all written waivers and approvals obtained from the MOD director as provided in § 85.2114, and any correspondence with EPA regarding certification of that part; and

(v) A description of the tests, techniques, procedures, and results utilized to demonstrate compliance with § 85.2114(b) applicable to parts eligible to certify using emission-critical parameters, except that, if the procedure utilized is recommended in appendix I of this subpart, then only a statement to this effect is necessary. A description of all statistical methods and analyses used to determine the emission-critical parameters of the original equipment parts and compliance of the certified part(s) with those parameters including numbers of parts tested, selection criteria, means, variance, etc; and

(vi) All results and documentation of tests and procedures used by the part manufacturer as evidence of compliance with the durability and emission requirements specified in § 85.2114; and

(vii) A discussion of the technical basis(es) for foregoing any portion of the Federal Test Procedure when applicable; and

(viii) A description of the test part selection criteria used, and a statement that the test part(s) used for certification testing is(are) a representative production aftermarket part(s) consistent with § 85.2114(e); and

(ix) A description of the test and demonstration vehicle selection criteria used, and rationale that supports the technical judgment that the vehicle configurations used for emission testing and durability demonstration represent worst case with respect to emissions of all those configurations for which the aftermarket part is being certified, and all data that supports that conclusion; and

(x) The service intervals of the part, including maintenance and replacement intervals in months and/or miles, as applicable, and a statement indicating whether it is different than the service, maintenance, and replacement interval of the original equipment requirements; and

(xi) A statement, if applicable, that the part will not meet the labeling requirements of § 85.2119(a) and the description of the markings the aftermarket manufacturer intends to put on the part in order to comply with § 85.2119(b); and

(xii) A statement that the aftermarket part manufacturer accepts, as a condition of certification, the obligation to comply with the warranty requirements and dispute resolution procedures provided in § 85.2117; and

(xiii) A statement of commitment and willingness to comply with all the relevant terms and conditions of this subpart; and

(xiv) A statement by the aftermarket part manufacturer that use of its certified part will not cause a substantial increase to vehicle emissions in any normal driving mode not represented during certification or compliance testing; and

(xv) The office or officer of the aftermarket part manufacturer authorized to receive correspondence regarding certification requirements pursuant to this subpart.

(2) The notification shall be signed by an individual attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the information supplied in the notification.

(3) Notification to the Agency shall be by certified mail or another method by which date of receipt can be established.

(4) Two complete and identical copies of the notification and any subsequent industry comments on any such notification shall be submitted by the aftermarket manufacturer to: Mod Director, MOD (EN-340F), Attention: Aftermarket Parts, 401 “M” St. SW., Washington, DC 20460.

(5) A copy of the notification submitted under paragraph (a)(4) of this section will be placed in a public docket. Comments on any notice in the public docket may be made to the MOD Director.

(b) The MOD Director reserves the right to review an application to determine if the submitted documents adequately meet all the requirements for certification specified in §§ 85.2114 and 85.2115. A part may be sold as certified 45 days after the receipt by the Agency of the notification given pursuant to this subsection provided that the Office Director has not notified the part manufacturer otherwise.

[54 FR 32591, Aug. 8, 1989]