Title 40

SECTION 85.1412

85.1412 Maintenance and submittal of records for equipment certifiers.

§ 85.1412 Maintenance and submittal of records for equipment certifiers.

(a) For each certified retrofit/rebuild equipment, the equipment certifier must establish, maintain and retain for 5 years from the date of certification the following adequately organized and indexed records:

(1) Detailed production drawings showing all dimensions, tolerances, performance requirements and material specifications and any other information necessary to completely describe the equipment;

(2) All data obtained during testing of the equipment and subsequent analyses based on that data, including the mileage and the vehicle or engine configuration determinants;

(3) All information used in determining those vehicles or engine for which the equipment is represented as being equivalent from an emissions standpoint to the original equipment being replaced;

(4) A description of the quality control plan used to monitor production and assure compliance of the equipment with the applicable certification requirements;

(5) All data taken in implementing the quality control plan, and any subsequent analyses of that data; and

(6) All in-service data, analyses performed by the equipment certifier and correspondence with vendors, distributors, consumers, retail outlets or engine manufacturers regarding any design, production or in-service problems associated with 25 or more pieces of any certified equipment.

(b) The records required to be maintained in paragraph (a) of this section shall be made available to the Agency upon the written request of the MOD Director.

(c) If the equipment certifier is selling equipment that is not certified as available to all affected urban bus operators under § 85.1403(b) and § 85.1407, then the equipment certifier shall submit to EPA, at the time an offer is made, a copy of all offers made to affected urban bus operators for which the equipment certifier has offered to sell its certified equipment for less than the life cycle cost limits specified in § 85.1403(b)(1)(iii) or § 85.1403(b)(2)(iii). The equipment certifier may assert that some of the information is entitled to confidential treatment as provided in § 85.1414.

Effective Date Note:At 58 FR 21386, Apr. 21, 1993, § 85.1412 was added. This section contains information collection and recordkeeping requirements that will not become effective until approval has been given by the Office of Management and Budget.