Title 40

SECTION 792.185

792.185 Reporting of study results.

§ 792.185 Reporting of study results.

(a) A final report shall be prepared for each study and shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

(1) Name and address of the facility performing the study and the dates on which the study was initiated and was completed, terminated, or discontinued.

(2) Objectives and procedures stated in the approved protocol, including any changes in the original protocol.

(3) Statistical methods employed for analyzing the data.

(4) The test, control, and reference substances identified by name, chemical abstracts service (CAS) number or code number, strength, purity, and composition, or other appropriate characteristics.

(5) Stability, and when relevant to the conduct of the study, the solubility of the test, control, and reference substances under the conditions of administration.

(6) A description of the methods used.

(7) A description of the test system used. Where applicable, the final report shall include the number of animals or other test organisms used, sex, body weight range, source of supply, species, strain and substrain, age, and procedure used for identification.

(8) A description of the dosage, dosage regimen, route of administration, and duration.

(9) A description of all circumstances that may have affected the quality or integrity of the data.

(10) The name of the study director, the names of other scientists or professionals and the names of all supervisory personnel, involved in the study.

(11) A description of the transformations, calculations, or operations performed on the data, a summary and analysis of the data, and a statement of the conclusions drawn from the analysis.

(12) The signed and dated reports of each of the individual scientists or other professionals involved in the study, including each person who, at the request or direction of the testing facility or sponsor, conducted an analysis or evaluation of data or specimens from the study after data generation was completed.

(13) The locations where all specimens, raw data, and the final report are to be stored.

(14) The statement prepared and signed by the quality assurance unit as described in § 792.35(b)(7).

(b) The final report shall be signed and dated by the study director.

(c) Corrections or additions to a final report shall be in the form of an amendment by the study director. The amendment shall clearly identify that part of the final report that is being added to or corrected and the reasons for the correction or addition, and shall be signed and dated by the person responsible. Modification of a final report to comply with the submission requirements of EPA does not constitute a correction, addition, or amendment to a final report.

(d) A copy of the final report and of any amendment to it shall be maintained by the sponsor and the test facility.