Title 40


73.2 Applicability.

§ 73.2 Applicability.

The following parties shall be subject to the provisions of this part:

(a) Owners, operators, and designated representatives of affected sources and affected units pursuant to § 72.6 of this chapter;

(b) Any new independent power producer as defined in section 416 of the Act and § 72.2 of this chapter, except as provided in section 405(g)(6) of the Act;

(c) Any owner of an affected unit who may apply to receive allowances under the Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Reserve Program established in accordance with section 404(f) of the Act;

(d) Any small diesel refinery as defined in § 72.2 of this chapter, and

(e) Any other person, as defined in § 72.2 of this chapter, who chooses to purchase, hold, or transfer allowances as provided in section 403(b) of the Act.