Title 40

SECTION 149.104

149.104 Submission of petitions.

§ 149.104 Submission of petitions.

Any person may submit a petition requesting the Regional Administrator to review a project to determine if such project may contaminate the aquifer through its recharge zone so as to create a significant hazard to public health. Any such petition shall identify:

(a) The name, address, and telephone number of the individual, organization, or other entity submitting the petition;

(b) A brief statement of the requesting person's interest in the Regional Administrator's determination;

(c) The name of the project and Federal agency involved;

In addition, the petitioner is requested to submit to EPA available information on:

(d) Applicable action already taken by State and local agencies including establishment of regulations to prevent contamination of the aquifer and why, in the petitioner's judgment, the action was inadequate.

(e) Any actions taken under the National Environmental Policy Act and why, in the petitioner's judgment, that action was inadequate in regard to evaluation of potential effect on the aquifer.

(f) The potential contaminants involved;

(g) The means by which the contaminant might enter the aquifer; and

(h) The potential impact of the proposed project.