Title 40


148.1 Purpose, scope and applicability.

§ 148.1 Purpose, scope and applicability.

(a) This part identifies wastes that are restricted from disposal into Class I wells and defines those circumstances under which a waste, otherwise prohibited from injection, may be injected.

(b) The requirements of this part apply to owners or operators of Class I hazardous waste injection wells used to inject hazardous waste.

(c) Wastes otherwise prohibited from injection may continue to be injected:

(1) If an extension from the effective date of a prohibition has been granted pursuant to § 148.4 with respect to such wastes; or

(2) If an exemption from a prohibition has been granted in response to a petition filed under § 148.20 to allow injection of restricted wastes with respect to those wastes and wells covered by the exemption; or

(3) If the waste is generated by a conditionally exempt small quantity generator, as defined in § 261.5; or

(d) Wastes that are hazardous only because they exhibit a hazardous characteristic, and which are otherwise prohibited under this part, or part 268 of this chapter, are not prohibited if the wastes:

(1) Are disposed into a nonhazardous or hazardous injection well as defined under 40 CFR § 146.6(a); and

(2) Do not exhibit any prohibited characteristic of hazardous waste identified in 40 CFR part 261, subpart C at the point of injection.

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