Title 40

SECTION 147.2103

147.2103 Existing Class II enhanced recovery and hydrocarbon storage wells authorized by rule.

§ 147.2103 Existing Class II enhanced recovery and hydrocarbon storage wells authorized by rule.

(a) Maximum injection pressure. (1) To meet the operating requirements of § 144.28(f)(3)(ii) (A) and (B) of this chapter, the owner or operator:

(i) Shall use an injection pressure no greater than the pressure established by the Regional Administrator for the field or formation in which the well is located. The Regional Administrator shall establish such a maximum pressure after notice, opportunity for comments, and opportunity for a public hearings, according to the provisions of part 124, subpart A of this chapter, and will inform owners and operators in writing of the applicable maximum pressure; or

(ii) May inject at a pressure greater than those specified in paragraph (a)(1)(i) of this section for the field or formation in which he is operating provided he submits a request in writing to the Regional Administrator, and demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Regional Administrator that such injection pressure will not violate the requirement of § 144.28(f)(3)(ii)(A) and (B). The Regional Administrator may grant such a request after notice, opportunity for comment, and opportunity for a public hearing, according to the provisions of part 124, subpart A of this chapter.

(2) Prior to such time as the Regional Administrator establishes field rules for maximum injection pressure based on data provided pursuant to paragraph (a)(2)(ii) of this section the owner or operator shall:

(i) Limit injection pressure to a value which will not exceed the operating requirements of § 144.28(f)(3)(ii); and

(ii) Submit to the Regional Administrator data acceptable to the Regional administrator which defines the fracture pressure of the formation in which injection is taking place. A single test may be submitted on behalf of two or more operators conducting operations in the same formation, if the Regional Administrator approves such submission.

(b) Casing and cementing. Where the Regional Administrator determines that the owner or operator of an existing enhanced recovery or hydrocarbon storage well may not be in compliance with the requirement of §§ 144.28(e) and 146.22, the owner or operator shall when required by the Regional Administrator:

(1) Protect USDWs by:

(i) Cementing surface casing by recirculating the cement to the surface from a point 50 feet below the lowermost USDW; or

(ii) Isolating all USDWs by placing cement between the outermost casing and the well bore; and

(2) Isolate any injection zones by placing sufficient cement to fill the calculated space between the casing and the well bore to a point 250 feet above the injection zone; and

(3) Use cement:

(i) Of sufficient quantity and quality to withstand the maximum operation pressure;

(ii) Which is resistant to deterioration from formation and injection fluids; and

(iii) In a quantity no less than 120% of the calculated volume necessary to cement off a zone; and/or

(4) Comply with other requirements which the Regional Administrator may specify in addition to or in lieu of the requirements set forth in paragraphs (b) (1) through (3) of this section as needed to protect USDWs.

[49 FR 45308, Nov. 15, 1984]