Title 40

SECTION 147.1652

147.1652 Aquifer exemptions.

§ 147.1652 Aquifer exemptions.

(a) This section identifies any aquifer or their portions exempted in accordance with §§ 144.7(b) and 146.4 of this chapter at the time of program promulgation. EPA may in the future exempt other aquifers or portions, according to applicable procedures, without codifying such exemptions in this section. An updated list of exemptions will be maintained in the Regional office.

(b) The following portions of aquifers are exempted in accordance with the provisions of §§ 144.7(b) and 146.4 of this chapter for Class II injection activities only:

(1) The Bradford First, Second, and Third Sand Members and the Kane Sand Member in the Bradford Field in Cattaraugus County.

(2) The Chipmunk Oil field in Cattaraugus County.