Title 40

SECTION 145.22

145.22 Elements of a program submission.

§ 145.22 Elements of a program submission.

(a) Any State that seeks to administer a program under this part shall submit to the Administrator at least three copies of a program submission. For Class VI programs, the entire submission can be sent electronically. The submission shall contain the following:

(1) A letter from the Governor of the State requesting program approval;

(2) A complete program description, as required by § 145.23, describing how the State intends to carry out its responsibilities under this part;

(3) An Attorney General's statement as required by § 145.24;

(4) A Memorandum of Agreement with the Regional Administrator as required by § 145.25;

(5) Copies of all applicable State statutes and regulations, including those governing State administrative procedures;

(6) The showing required by § 145.31(b) of the State's public participation activities prior to program submission.

(b) Within 30 days of receipt by EPA of a State program submission, EPA will notify the State whether its submission is complete. If EPA finds that a State's submission is complete, the statutory review period (i.e., the period of time allotted for formal EPA review of a proposed State program under the Safe Drinking Water Act) shall be deemed to have begun on the date of receipt of the State's submission. If EPA finds that a State's submission is incomplete, the statutory review period shall not begin until all the necessary information is received by EPA.

(c) If the State's submission is materially changed during the statutory review period, the statutory review period shall begin again upon receipt of the revised submission.

(d) The State and EPA may extend the statutory review period by agreement.

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