Title 40

SECTION 142.80

142.80 Review procedures.

§ 142.80 Review procedures.

(a) The Administrator may initiate a comprehensive review of the decisions made by States with primary enforcement responsibility to determine, in accordance with § 141.71 of this chapter, if public water systems using surface water sources must provide filtration treatment. The Administrator shall complete this review within one year of its initiation and shall schedule subsequent reviews as (s)he deems necessary.

(b) EPA shall publish notice of a proposed review in the Federal Register. Such notice must:

(1) Provide information regarding the location of data and other information pertaining to the review to be conducted and other information including new scientific matter bearing on the application of the criteria for avoiding filtration; and

(2) Advise the public of the opportunity to submit comments.

(c) Upon completion of any such review, the Administrator shall notify each State affected by the results of the review and shall make the results available to the public.