Title 40

SECTION 142.53

142.53 Disposition of an exemption request.

§ 142.53 Disposition of an exemption request.

(a) If the Administrator decides to deny the application for an exemption, he shall notify the applicant of his intention to issue a denial. Such notice shall include a statement of reasons for the proposed denial, and shall offer the applicant an opportunity to present, within 30 days of receipt of the notice, additional information or argument to the Administrator. The Administrator shall make a final determination on the request within 30 days after receiving any such additional information or argument. If no additional information or argument is submitted by the applicant, the application shall be denied.

(b) If the Administrator grants an exemption request submitted pursuant to § 142.51, he shall notify the applicant of his decision in writing. Such notice shall identify the facility covered, and shall specify the termination date of the exemption. Such notice shall provide that the exemption will be terminated when the system comes into compliance with the applicable regulation, and may be terminated upon a finding by the Administrator that the system has failed to comply with any requirements of a final schedule issued pursuant to § 142.55.

(c) The Administrator shall propose a schedule for:

(1) Compliance (including increments of progress or measures to develop an alternative source of water supply) by the public water system with each contaminant level requirement or treatment technique requirement with respect to which the exemption was granted; and

(2) Implementation by the public water system of such control measures as the Administrator may require for each contaminant covered by the exemption.

(d) The schedule shall be prescribed by the Administrator at the time the exemption is granted, subsequent to provision of opportunity for hearing pursuant to § 142.54.

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