Title 40

SECTION 142.33

142.33 Public hearing.

§ 142.33 Public hearing.

(a) If the Administrator grants the petition for public hearing, he shall give appropriate public notice of such hearing. Such notice shall be by publication in the Federal Register and in a newspaper of general circulation or by other appropriate communications media covering the area served by such public water system.

(b) A hearing officer designated by the Administrator shall gather during the public hearing information from technical or other experts, Federal, State, or other public officials, representatives of the public water system, persons served by the system, and other interested persons on:

(1) The ways in which the system can within the earliest feasible time be brought into compliance, and

(2) The means for the maximum feasible protection of the public health during any period in which such system is not in compliance.

(c) On the basis of the hearing and other available information the Administrator shall issue recommendations which shall be sent to the State and public water system and shall be made available to the public and communications media.