Title 40

SECTION 142.30

142.30 Failure by State to assure enforcement.

§ 142.30 Failure by State to assure enforcement.

(a) The Administrator shall notify a State and the appropriate supplier of water whenever he finds during a period in which the State has primary enforcement responsibility for public water systems that a public water system within such State is not in compliance with any primary drinking water regulation contained in part 141 of this chapter or with any schedule or other requirements imposed pursuant to a variance or exemption granted under section 1415 or 1416 of the Act: Provided, That the State will be deemed to have been notified of a violation referred to in a report submitted by the State.

(b) The Administrator shall provide advice and technical assistance to such State and public water system as may be appropriate to bring the system into compliance by the earliest feasible time.

[41 FR 2918, Jan. 20, 1976, as amended at 52 FR 20675, June 2, 1987]