Title 40

SECTION 142.22

142.22 Review of State variances, exemptions and schedules.

§ 142.22 Review of State variances, exemptions and schedules.

(a) Not later than 18 months after the effective date of the interim national primary drinking water regulations the Administrator shall complete a comprehensive review of the variances and exemptions granted (and schedules prescribed pursuant thereto) by the States with primary enforcement responsibility during the one-year period beginning on such effective date. The Administrator shall conduct such subsequent reviews of exemptions and schedules as he deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this title, but at least one review shall be completed within each 3-year period following the completion of the first review under this paragraph.

(b) Notice of a proposed review shall be published in the Federal Register. Such notice shall (1) provide information respecting the location of data and other information respecting the variances and exemptions to be reviewed (including data and other information concerning new scientific matters bearing on such variances and exemptions), and (2) advise of the opportunity to submit comments on the variances and exemptions reviewed and on the need for continuing them. Upon completion of any such review, the Administrator shall publish in the Federal Register the results of his review, together with findings responsive to any comments submitted in connection with such review.