Title 40

SECTION 1065.215

1065.215 Pressure transducers, temperature sensors, and dewpoint sensors.

§ 1065.215 Pressure transducers, temperature sensors, and dewpoint sensors.

(a) Application. Use instruments as specified in this section to measure pressure, temperature, and dewpoint.

(b) Component requirements. We recommend that you use pressure transducers, temperature sensors, and dewpoint sensors that meet the specifications in Table 1 of § 1065.205. Note that your overall systems for measuring pressure, temperature, and dewpoint must meet the calibration and verifications in § 1065.315.

(c) Temperature. For PM-balance environments or other precision temperature measurements over a narrow temperature range, we recommend thermistors. For other applications we recommend thermocouples that are not grounded to the thermocouple sheath. You may use other temperature sensors, such as resistive temperature detectors (RTDs).

(d) Pressure. Pressure transducers must be located in a temperature-controlled environment, or they must compensate for temperature changes over their expected operating range. Transducer materials must be compatible with the fluid being measured. For atmospheric pressure or other precision pressure measurements, we recommend either capacitance-type, quartz crystal, or laser-interferometer transducers. For other applications, we recommend either strain gage or capacitance-type pressure transducers. You may use other pressure-measurement instruments, such as manometers, where appropriate.

(e) Dewpoint. For PM-stabilization environments, we recommend chilled-surface hygrometers, which include chilled mirror detectors and chilled surface acoustic wave (SAW) detectors. For other applications, we recommend thin-film capacitance sensors. You may use other dewpoint sensors, such as a wet-bulb/dry-bulb psychrometer, where appropriate.

[70 FR 40516, July 13, 2005, as amended at 73 FR 37300, June 30, 2008]