Title 40

SECTION 1060.640

1060.640 What special provisions apply to branded equipment

§ 1060.640 What special provisions apply to branded equipment?

The following provisions apply if you identify the name and trademark of another company instead of your own on your emission control information label for equipment, as provided by §§ 1060.135 and 1060.137:

(a) You must have a contractual agreement with the other company that obligates that company to take the following steps:

(1) Meet the emission warranty requirements that apply under § 1060.120. This may involve a separate agreement involving reimbursement of warranty-related expenses.

(2) Report all warranty-related information to the certificate holder.

(b) In your application for certification, identify the company whose trademark you will use and describe the arrangements you have made to meet your requirements under this section.

(c) You remain responsible for meeting all the requirements of this chapter, including warranty and defect-reporting provisions.