Title 40

SECTION 1060.501

1060.501 General testing provisions.

§ 1060.501 General testing provisions.

(a) This subpart is addressed to you as a certifying manufacturer but it applies equally to anyone who does testing for you.

(b) Unless we specify otherwise, the terms “procedures” and “test procedures” in this part include all aspects of testing, including the equipment specifications, calibrations, calculations, and other protocols and procedural specifications needed to measure emissions.

(c) The specification for gasoline to be used for testing is given in 40 CFR 1065.710. Use the grade of gasoline specified for general testing. For testing specified in this part that requires a blend of gasoline and ethanol, blend this grade of gasoline with fuel-grade ethanol meeting the specifications of ASTM D4806 (incorporated by reference in § 1060.810). You do not need to measure the ethanol concentration of such blended fuels and may instead calculate the blended composition by assuming that the ethanol is pure and mixes perfectly with the base fuel. For example, if you mix 10.0 liters of fuel-grade ethanol with 90.0 liters of gasoline, you may assume the resulting mixture is 10.0 percent ethanol. You may use more or less pure ethanol if you can demonstrate that it will not affect your ability to demonstrate compliance with the applicable emission standards. Note that unless we specify otherwise, any references to gasoline-ethanol mixtures containing a specified ethanol concentration means mixtures meeting the provisions of this paragraph (c).

(d) Accuracy and precision of all temperature measurements must be ±1.0 °C or better. If you use multiple sensors to measure differences in temperature, calibrate the sensors so they will be within 0.5 °C of each other when they are in thermal equilibrium at a point within the range of test temperatures (use the starting temperature in Table 1 to § 1060.525 unless this is not feasible).

(e) Accuracy and precision of mass balances must be sufficient to ensure accuracy and precision of two percent or better for emission measurements for products at the maximum level allowed by the standard. The readability of the display may not be coarser than half of the required accuracy and precision. Examples are shown in the following table for a digital readout:

Example #1 Example #2 Example #3
Applicable standard 1.5 g/m 2/day 1.5 g/m 2/day 15 g/m 2/day.
Internal surface area 1.15 m 2 0.47 m 2 0.015 m 2.
Length of test 14.0 days 14.0 days 14.1 days.
Maximum allowable mass change 24.15 g 9.87 g 3.173 g.
Required accuracy and precision ±0.483 g or better ±0.197 g or better ±0.0635 g or better.
Required readability 0.1 g or better 0.1 g or better 0.01 g or better.
[73 FR 59298, Oct. 8, 2008, as amended at 74 FR 8427, Feb. 24, 2009]