Title 40

SECTION 1060.205

1060.205 What must I include in my application

§ 1060.205 What must I include in my application?

This section specifies the information that must be in your application, unless we ask you to include less information under § 1060.201(c). We may require you to provide additional information to evaluate your application.

(a) Describe the emission family's specifications and other basic parameters of the emission controls. Describe how you meet the running loss emission control requirements in § 1060.104, if applicable. Describe how you meet any applicable equipment-based requirements of § 1060.101(e) and (f). State whether you are requesting certification for gasoline or some other fuel type. List each distinguishable configuration in the emission family.

(b) Describe the products you selected for testing and the reasons for selecting them.

(c) Describe the test equipment and procedures that you used, including any special or alternate test procedures you used (see § 1060.501).

(d) List the specifications of the test fuel to show that it falls within the required ranges specified in subpart F of this part.

(e) State the equipment applications to which your certification is limited. For example, if your fuel system meets the emission requirements of this part applicable only to handheld Small SI equipment, state that the requested certificate would apply only for handheld Small SI equipment.

(f) Identify the emission family's useful life.

(g) Include the maintenance instructions you will give to the ultimate purchaser of each new nonroad engine (see § 1060.125).

(h) Include the emission-related installation instructions you will provide if someone else will install your component in a piece of nonroad equipment (see § 1060.130).

(i) Describe your emission control information label (see §§ 1060.135 and 1060.137).

(j) Identify the emission standards or FELs to which you are certifying the emission family.

(k) Present emission data to show your products meet the applicable emission standards. Note that §§ 1060.235 and 1060.240 allow you to submit an application in certain cases without new emission data.

(l) State that your product was tested as described in the application (including the test procedures, test parameters, and test fuels) to show you meet the requirements of this part. If you did not do the testing, identify the source of the data.

(m) Report all test results, including those from invalid tests, whether or not they were conducted according to the test procedures of subpart F of this part. We may ask you to send other information to confirm that your tests were valid under the requirements of this part.

(n) Unconditionally certify that all the products in the emission family comply with the requirements of this part, other referenced parts of the CFR, and the Clean Air Act.

(o) Include good-faith estimates of U.S.-directed production volumes. Include a justification for the estimated production volumes if they are substantially different than actual production volumes in earlier years for similar models.

(p) Include other applicable information, such as information required by other subparts of this part.

(q) Name an agent for service located in the United States. Service on this agent constitutes service on you or any of your officers or employees for any action by EPA or otherwise by the United States related to the requirements of this part.