Title 40

SECTION 1060.137

1060.137 How must I label and identify the fuel-system components I produce

§ 1060.137 How must I label and identify the fuel-system components I produce?

The requirements of this section apply for manufacturers of fuel-system components subject to emission standards under this part 1060. However, these requirements do not apply if you produce fuel-system components that will be covered by a certificate of conformity from another company under § 1060.601(f). These requirements also do not apply for components you certify if you also certify the equipment in which the component is installed and meet the labeling requirements in § 1060.135.

(a) Label the components identified in this paragraph (a), unless the components are too small to be properly labeled. Unless we approve otherwise, we consider parts large enough to be properly labeled if they have space for 12 characters in six-point font (approximately 2 mm × 12 mm). For these small parts, you may omit the label as long as you identify those part numbers in your maintenance and installation instructions.

(1) All fuel tanks, except for metal fuel tanks that are deemed certified under § 1060.103(f).

(2) Fuel lines. This includes primer bulbs unless they are excluded from the definition of “fuel line” under the standard-setting part. Label primer bulbs separately.

(3) Carbon canisters.

(4) Fuel caps, as described in this paragraph (a)(4). Fuel caps must be labeled if they are separately certified under § 1060.103 or if the diurnal control system requires that the fuel tank hold pressure. Fuel caps must also be labeled if they are mounted directly on the fuel tank, unless the fuel tank is certified based on a worst-case fuel cap.

(5) Replaceable pressure-relief assemblies. This does not apply if the component is integral to the fuel tank or fuel cap.

(6) Other components we determine to be critical to the proper functioning of evaporative emission controls.

(b) Label your certified fuel-system components at the time of manufacture. The label must be -

(1) Attached so it is not removable without being destroyed or defaced. This may involve printing directly on the product. For molded products, you may use the mold to apply the label.

(2) Durable and readable for the equipment's entire life.

(3) Written in English.

(c) Except as specified in paragraph (d) of this section, you must create the label specified in paragraph (b) of this section as follows:

(1) Include your corporate name. You may identify another company instead of yours if you comply with the provisions of § 1054.640.

(2) Include EPA's standardized designation for the emission family.

(3) State: “EPA COMPLIANT”.

(4) Fuel tank labels must identify the FEL, if applicable.

(5) Fuel line labels must identify the applicable permeation level. This may involve any of the following approaches:

(i) Identify the applicable numerical emission standard (such as 15 g/m 2/day).

(ii) Identify the applicable emission standards using EPA classifications (such as EPA Nonroad Fuel Lines).

(iii) Identify the applicable industry standard specification (such as SAE J30 R12).

(6) Fuel line labels must be continuous, with no more than 12 inches before repeating. We will consider labels to be continuous if the space between repeating segments is no longer than that of the repeated information. You may add a continuous stripe or other pattern to help identify the particular type or grade of your products.

(d) You may create an abbreviated label for your components. Such a label may rely on codes to identify the component. The code must at a minimum identify the certification status, your corporate name, and the emission family. For example, XYZ Manufacturing may label its fuel lines as “EPA-XYZ-A15” to designate that their “A15” family was certified to meet EPA's 15 g/m 2/day standard. If you do this, you must describe the abbreviated label in your application for certification and identify all the associated information specified in paragraph (c) of this section.

(e) You may ask us to approve modified labeling requirements in this section as described in § 1060.135(e).

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