Title 40

SECTION 1060.135

1060.135 How must I label and identify the engines and equipment I produce

§ 1060.135 How must I label and identify the engines and equipment I produce?

The labeling requirements of this section apply for all equipment manufacturers and for engine manufacturers that certify with respect to evaporative emissions. See § 1060.137 for the labeling requirements that apply separately for fuel lines, fuel tanks, and other fuel-system components.

(a) You must affix a permanent and legible label identifying each engine or piece of equipment before introducing it into U.S. commerce. The label must be -

(1) Attached in one piece so it is not removable without being destroyed or defaced.

(2) Secured to a part of the engine or equipment needed for normal operation and not normally requiring replacement.

(3) Durable and readable for the equipment's entire life.

(4) Written in English.

(5) Readily visible in the final installation. It may be under a hinged door or other readily opened cover. It may not be hidden by any cover attached with screws or any similar designs. Labels on marine vessels (except personal watercraft) must be visible from the helm.

(b) If you hold a certificate for your engine or equipment with respect to evaporative emissions, the engine or equipment label specified in paragraph (a) of this section must -

(1) Include the heading “EMISSION CONTROL INFORMATION”.

(2) Include your corporate name and trademark. You may identify another company and use its trademark instead of yours if you comply with the provisions of § 1060.640.

(3) State the date of manufacture [MONTH and YEAR] of the equipment; however, you may omit this from the label if you stamp or engrave it on the equipment.


(5) Identify the certified fuel-system components installed on the equipment as described in this paragraph (b)(5). Establish a component code for each certified fuel-system component, including those certified by other companies. You may use part numbers, certification numbers, or any other unique code that you or the certifying component manufacturer establish. This identifying information must correspond to printing or other labeling on each certified fuel-system component, whether you or the component manufacturer certifies the individual component. You may identify multiple part numbers if your equipment design might include an option to use more than one component design (such as from multiple component manufacturers). Use one of the following methods to include information on the label that identifies certified fuel-system components:

(i) Use the component codes to identify each certified fuel-system component on the label specified in this paragraph (b).

(ii) Identify the emission family on the label using EPA's standardized designation or an abbreviated equipment code that you establish in your application for certification. Equipment manufacturers that also certify their engines with respect to exhaust emissions may use the same emission family name for both exhaust and evaporative emissions. If you use the provisions of this paragraph (b)(5)(ii), you must identify all the certified fuel-system components and the associated component codes in your application for certification. In this case the label specified in this paragraph (b) may omit the information related to specific fuel-system components.

(c) If you produce equipment without certifying with respect to evaporative emissions, the equipment label specified in paragraph (a) of this section must -


(2) Include your corporate name.

(d) You may add information to the emission control information label as follows:

(1) You may identify other emission standards that the engine meets or does not meet (such as California standards). You may include this information by adding it to the statement we specify or by including a separate statement.

(2) You may add other information to ensure that the engine will be properly maintained and used.

(3) You may add appropriate features to prevent counterfeit labels. For example, you may include the engine's unique identification number on the label.

(e) Anyone subject to the labeling requirements in this part 1060 may ask us to approve modified labeling requirements if it is necessary or appropriate. We will approve the request if the alternate label is consistent with the requirements of this part.

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