Title 40

SECTION 1060.103

1060.103 What permeation emission control requirements apply for fuel tanks

§ 1060.103 What permeation emission control requirements apply for fuel tanks?

(a) Fuel tanks must meet permeation requirements as follows:

(1) Marine SI fuel tanks, including engine-mounted fuel tanks and portable marine fuel tanks, must meet the permeation requirements in this section.

(2) Large SI fuel tanks must meet diurnal emission standards as specified in § 1060.105, which includes measurement of permeation emissions. No separate permeation standard applies.

(3) Fuel tanks for recreational vehicles must meet the permeation requirements specified in 40 CFR 1051.110 or in this section.

(4) Small SI fuel tanks must meet the permeation requirements in this section unless they are installed in equipment certified to meet diurnal emission standards under § 1060.105(e).

(b) Permeation emissions from fuel tanks may not exceed 1.5 g/m 2/day when measured at a nominal temperature of 28 °C with the test procedures for tank permeation in § 1060.520. You may also choose to meet a standard of 2.5 g/m 2/day if you perform testing at a nominal temperature of 40 °C under § 1060.520(d).

(c) The exhaust standard-setting part may allow for certification of fuel tanks to a family emission limit for calculating evaporative emission credits as described in subpart H of this part instead of meeting the emission standards in this section.

(d) For purposes of this part, fuel tanks do not include fuel lines that are subject to § 1060.102, petcocks designed for draining fuel, grommets used with fuel lines, or grommets used with other hose or tubing excluded from the definition of “fuel line.” Fuel tanks include other fittings (such as fuel caps, gaskets, and O-rings) that are directly mounted to the fuel tank.

(e) Fuel caps may be certified separately relative to the permeation emission standard in paragraph (b) of this section using the test procedures specified in § 1060.521. Fuel caps certified alone do not need to meet the emission standard. Rather, fuel caps would be certified with a Family Emission Limit, which is used for demonstrating that fuel tanks meet the emission standard as described in § 1060.520(b)(5). For the purposes of this paragraph (e), gaskets or O-rings that are produced as part of an assembly with the fuel cap are considered part of the fuel cap.

(f) Metal fuel tanks that meet the permeation criteria in § 1060.240(d)(2) or use certified nonmetal fuel caps will be deemed to be certified as in conformity with the requirements of this section without submitting an application for certification.

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