Title 36


328.5 Guidelines for seaplane use of project waters.

§ 328.5 Guidelines for seaplane use of project waters.

(a) All operations of the aircraft while upon the water shall be in accordance with the marine rules of the road for power boats or vessels.

(b) Seaplanes on project waters and lands in excess of 24 hours shall be securely moored at mooring facilities and at locations permitted by the District Engineer. Seaplanes may be temporarily moored on project waters and lands, except in areas prohibited by the District Engineer, for periods less than 24 hours providing that -

(1) The mooring is safe, secure, and accomplished so as not to damage the rights of the government or members of the public and

(2) The operator remains in the vicinity of the seaplane and reasonably available to relocate the seaplane if necessary.

(c) No commercial operation of seaplanes from project waters will be allowed without written approval of the District Engineer following consultation with and the necessary clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other appropriate public authorities and affected interests.

(d) Seaplanes may not be operated at Corps projects between sunset and sunrise unless adequate lighting and supervision are available.

(e) Requests for public commercial facilities in support of seaplanes will be handled under normal concession policies.

(f) Permits for floating and nonfloating structures of any kind, in, on, or affecting project waters, under the management of the Resource Manager, including waters under lease, license or other outgrant agreement, shall be handled in accordance with the lakeshore management plan or policy statement for the project involved, § 327.19 of title 36, Code of Federal Regulations and, where required by statute or regulation, section 10 of the River and Harbor Act (approved March 3, 1899) and section 404 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972 (Pub. L. 92-500).

(g) Appropriate signs should be employed to inform users of projects, or portions thereof, where seaplane operations are permitted.