Title 36


Subpart E - Administrative Offset

36: 1201.50
   1201.50 Under what circumstances will NARA collect amounts that I owe to NARA (or some other Federal agency) by offsetting the debt against payments that NARA (or some other Federal agency) owes me
36: 1201.51
   1201.51 How will NARA request that my debt to NARA be collected by offset against some payment that another Federal agency owes me
36: 1201.52
   1201.52 What procedures will NARA use to collect amounts I owe to a Federal agency by offsetting a payment that NARA would otherwise make to me
36: 1201.53
   1201.53 When may NARA make an offset in an expedited manner
36: 1201.54
   1201.54 Can a judgment I have obtained against the United States be used to satisfy a debt that I owe to NARA