Title 36

PART 1201

Part 1201 - Collection Of Claims

PART 1201 - COLLECTION OF CLAIMS Authority:5 U.S.C. 5514; 31 U.S.C. 3701-3720A, 3720D; 44 U.S.C. 2104(a). Source:67 FR 44757, July 5, 2002, unless otherwise noted.

36: A
Subpart A - Introduction
36: 1201.1
   1201.1 Why is NARA issuing these regulations
36: 1201.2
   1201.2 Under what authority does NARA issue these regulations
36: 1201.3
   1201.3 What definitions apply to the regulations in this part
36: 1201.4
   1201.4 What types of claims are excluded from these regulations
36: 1201.5
   1201.5 If a claim is not excluded from these regulations, may it be compromised, suspended, terminated, or waived
36: 1201.6
   1201.6 What is a claim or debt
36: 1201.7
   1201.7 Why does NARA have to collect debts
36: 1201.8
   1201.8 What action might NARA take to collect debts
36: 1201.9
   1201.9 What rights do I have as a debtor
36: B
Subpart B - General Provisions.
36: 1201.10
   1201.10 Will NARA use a cross-servicing agreement with the Department of the Treasury to collect its claims
36: 1201.11
   1201.11 Will NARA refer claims to the Department of Justice
36: 1201.12
   1201.12 Will NARA provide information to credit reporting agencies
36: 1201.13
   1201.13 How will NARA contract for collection services
36: 1201.14
   1201.14 What should I expect to receive from NARA if I owe a debt to NARA
36: 1201.15
   1201.15 What will the notice tell me regarding collection actions that might be taken if the debt is not paid within 60 days of the notice, or arrangements to pay the debt are not made within 60 days of the notice
36: 1201.16
   1201.16 What will the notice tell me about my opportunity for review of my debt
36: 1201.17
   1201.17 What must I do to obtain a review of my debt, and how will the review process work
36: 1201.18
   1201.18 What interest, penalty charges, and administrative costs will I have to pay on a debt owed to NARA
36: 1201.19
   1201.19 How can I resolve my debt through voluntary repayment
36: 1201.20
   1201.20 What is the extent of the Archivist's authority to compromise debts owed to NARA, or to suspend or terminate collection action on such debts
36: 1201.21
   1201.21 May NARA's failure to comply with these regulations be used as a defense to a debt
36: C
Subpart C - Salary Offset
36: 1201.30
   1201.30 What debts are included or excluded from coverage of these regulations on salary offset
36: 1201.31
   1201.31 May I ask NARA to waive an overpayment that otherwise would be collected by offsetting my salary as a Federal employee
36: 1201.32
   1201.32 What are NARA's procedures for salary offset
36: 1201.33
   1201.33 How will NARA coordinate salary offsets with other agencies
36: 1201.34
   1201.34 Under what conditions will NARA make a refund of amounts collected by salary offset
36: 1201.35
   1201.35 Will the collection of a claim by salary offset act as a waiver of my rights to dispute the claimed debt
36: D
Subpart D - Tax Refund Offset
36: 1201.40
   1201.40 Which debts can NARA refer to the Treasury for collection by offsetting tax refunds
36: 1201.41
   1201.41 What are NARA's procedures for collecting debts by tax refund offset
36: E
Subpart E - Administrative Offset
36: 1201.50
   1201.50 Under what circumstances will NARA collect amounts that I owe to NARA (or some other Federal agency) by offsetting the debt against payments that NARA (or some other Federal agency) owes me
36: 1201.51
   1201.51 How will NARA request that my debt to NARA be collected by offset against some payment that another Federal agency owes me
36: 1201.52
   1201.52 What procedures will NARA use to collect amounts I owe to a Federal agency by offsetting a payment that NARA would otherwise make to me
36: 1201.53
   1201.53 When may NARA make an offset in an expedited manner
36: 1201.54
   1201.54 Can a judgment I have obtained against the United States be used to satisfy a debt that I owe to NARA
36: F
Subpart F - Administrative Wage Garnishment
36: 1201.55
   1201.55 How will NARA collect debts through Administrative Wage Garnishment