Title 33

SECTION 20.805

20.805 Proprietary information.

§ 20.805 Proprietary information.

(a) The ALJ may limit introduction of evidence or issue such protective or other orders as in his or her judgment are consistent with the object of preventing undue disclosure of proprietary matters, including, among others, ones of a commercial nature.

(b) When the ALJ determines that information in a document containing proprietary matters should be made available to another party, the ALJ may direct the party possessing the document to prepare a non-proprietary summary or extract of it. The summary or extract may be admitted as evidence in the record.

(c) If the ALJ determines that a non-proprietary summary or extract is inadequate and that proprietary matters must form part of the record to avert prejudice to a party, the ALJ may so advise the parties and arrange access to the evidence for a party or representative.