Title 33

SECTION 20.704

20.704 Scheduling and notice of hearings.

§ 20.704 Scheduling and notice of hearings.

(a) With due regard for the convenience of the parties, and of their representatives or witnesses, the ALJ shall, as early as possible, fix the date, time, and place for the hearing and notify all parties and interested persons.

(b) The ALJ may grant a request for a change in the date, time, or place of a hearing.

(c) At any time after commencement of a proceeding, any party may move to expedite the proceeding. A party moving to expedite shall -

(1) Explain in the motion the circumstances justifying the motion to expedite; and

(2) Incorporate in the motion affidavits supporting any representations of fact.

(d) After timely receipt of the motion and any responses, the ALJ may expedite pleadings, pre-hearing conferences, and the hearing, as appropriate.