Title 33

SECTION 20.404

20.404 Interested persons.

§ 20.404 Interested persons.

(a) Any person not a party to a class II civil penalty proceeding under 33 U.S.C. 1321(b)(6) who wishes to be an interested person in the proceeding shall, 30 days or less after publication in the Federal Register of the public notice required by § 20.402, file with the Hearing Docket Clerk either -

(1) Written comments on the proceeding; or

(2) Written notice of intent to present evidence at any hearing in the proceeding.

(b) The presiding ALJ may, for good cause, accept late comments or late notice of intent to present evidence.

(c) Each interested person shall receive notice of any hearing due in the proceeding and of the decision in the proceeding. He or she may have a reasonable opportunity to be heard and to present evidence in any hearing.

(d) The opportunity secured by paragraph (c) of this section does not extend to -

(1) The issuance of subpoenas for witnesses;

(2) The cross-examination of witnesses; or

(3) Appearance at any settlement conference.