Title 33

SECTION 20.310

20.310 Default by respondent.

§ 20.310 Default by respondent.

(a) The ALJ may find a respondent in default upon failure to file a timely answer to the complaint or, after motion, upon failure to appear at a conference or hearing without good cause shown.

(b) Each motion for default must conform to the rules of form, service, and filing of this subpart. Each motion must include a proposed decision and proof of service under section 20.304(d). The respondent alleged to be in default shall file a reply to the motion 20 days or less after service of the motion.

(c) Default by respondent constitutes, for purposes of the pending action only, an admission of all facts alleged in the complaint and a waiver of her or his right to a hearing on those facts.

(d) Upon finding a respondent in default, the ALJ shall issue a decision against her or him.

(e) For good cause shown, the ALJ may set aside a finding of default.