Title 33

SECTION 20.309

20.309 Motions.

§ 20.309 Motions.

(a) A person may apply for an order or ruling not specifically provided for in this subpart, but shall apply for it by motion. Each written motion must comply with the requirements of this subpart for form, filing, and service. Each motion must state clearly and concisely -

(1) Its purpose, and the relief sought;

(2) Any statutory or regulatory authority; and

(3) The facts constituting the grounds for the relief sought.

(b) A proposed order may accompany a motion.

(c) Each motion must be in writing; except that one made at a hearing will be sufficient if stated orally upon the record, unless the ALJ directs that it be reduced to writing.

(d) Except as otherwise required by this part, a party shall file any response to a written motion 10 days or less after service of the motion. When a party makes a motion at a hearing, an oral response to the motion made at the hearing is timely.

(e) Unless the ALJ orders otherwise, the filing of a motion does not stay a proceeding.

(f) The ALJ will rule on the record either orally or in writing. She or he may summarily deny any dilatory, repetitive, or frivolous motion.