Title 33

SECTION 20.308

20.308 Answers.

§ 20.308 Answers.

(a) The respondent shall file a written answer to the complaint 20 days or less after service of the complaint. The answer must conform to the requirements of this subpart for filing and service.

(b) The person filing the answer shall, in the answer, either agree to the place of hearing proposed in the complaint or propose an alternative.

(c) Each answer must state whether the respondent intends to contest any of the allegations set forth in the complaint. It must include any affirmative defenses that the respondent intends to assert at the hearing. The answer must admit or deny each numbered paragraph of the complaint. If it states that the respondent lacks sufficient knowledge or information to admit or deny a particular numbered paragraph, it denies that paragraph. If it does not specifically deny a particular numbered paragraph, it admits that paragraph.

(d) A respondent's failure without good cause to file an answer admits each allegation made in the complaint.