Title 33

SECTION 20.303

20.303 Form and content of filed documents.

§ 20.303 Form and content of filed documents.

(a) Each filed document must clearly -

(1) State the title of the case;

(2) State the docket number of the case, if one has been assigned;

(3) Designate the type of filing (for instance: petition, notice, or motion to dismiss);

(4) Identify the filing party by name and capacity acted in; and

(5) State the address, telephone number, and any fax number of the filing party and, if that party is represented, the name, address, telephone number, and any fax number of the representative.

(b) Each filed document must -

(1) Measure 8 1/2 by 11 inches, except that a table, chart, or other attachment may be larger if folded to the size of the filed document to which it is physically attached;

(2) Be printed on just one side of the page and be clearly typewritten, printed, or otherwise reproduced by a process that yields legible and permanent copies;

(3) Be double-spaced except for footnotes and long quotations, which may be single-spaced;

(4) Have a left margin of at least 1 1/2 inches and other margins of at least 1 inch; and

(5) Be bound on the left side, if bound.

(c) Each filed document must be in English or, if in another language, accompanied by a certified translation. The original of each filed document must be signed by the filing party or her or his representative. Unless the rules in this part or the ALJ requires it to be verified or accompanied by an affidavit, no filed document need be. The signature constitutes a certification by the signer that she or he has read the document; that, to the best of her or his knowledge, information, and belief, the statements made in it are true; and that she or he does not intend it to cause delay.

(d) Complaints, answers, and simple motions may employ forms approved for use in proceedings of the Coast Guard instead of the format set out in this section.