Title 33

SECTION 20.302

20.302 Filing of documents and other materials.

§ 20.302 Filing of documents and other materials.

(a) The proper address at which to file all documents and other materials relating to an administrative proceeding is: U.S. Coast Guard Administrative Law Judge Docketing Center; Attention: Hearing Docket Clerk; Room 412; 40 S. Gay Street; Baltimore, MD 21201-4022.

(b) The telephone number is: 410-962-5100. The toll-free telephone number is: 1-866-612-7524.

(c) The fax number is: 410-962-1746. The toll-free fax number is: 1-877-243-3453.

(d) The appropriate party shall file with the Hearing Docket Clerk an executed original of each document (including any exhibit and supporting affidavit).

(e) A party may file by mail or personal delivery. The ALJ or the Hearing Docket Clerk may permit other methods, such as fax or other electronic means.

(f) When the Hearing Docket Clerk determines that a document, or other material, offered for filing does not comply with requirements of this part, the Clerk will accept it, and may advise the person offering it of the defect, and require that person to correct the defect. If the defect is failure to serve copies on other parties, the parties' response period begins when properly served.

[CGD 98-3472, 64 FR 28062, May 24, 1999, as amended by USCG-2016-0498, 82 FR 35079, July 28, 2017]