Title 33

SECTION 20.1208

20.1208 Expedited hearings.

§ 20.1208 Expedited hearings.

(a) Procedures. As soon as practicable after the close of the pre-hearing conference, the ALJ shall hold a hearing, under subpart G of this part, on any issue that remains in dispute.

(b) Oral and written argument. (1) Each party may present oral argument at the close of the hearing or present -

(i) Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law; and

(ii) Post-hearing briefs, under § 20.710.

(2) The ALJ shall issue a schedule, such as will enable him or her to consider the findings and briefs without delaying the issuance of the decision.

(c) ALJ's decision. The ALJ may issue his or her decision as an oral decision from the bench. Alternatively, he or she may issue a written decision. He or she shall issue the decision 45 days or less after the temporary suspension.