Title 33

SECTION 20.1202

20.1202 Filing of pleadings.

§ 20.1202 Filing of pleadings.

(a) Complaint. If the Coast Guard has temporarily suspended a merchant mariner's credential, license, certificate of registry, or document, it shall immediately file a complaint under § 20.307. The complaint must contain both a copy of a notice of temporary suspension and an affidavit stating the authority and reason for temporary suspension.

(b) Answer. In a case under this subpart -

(1) § 20.308 does not govern answers, and

(2) The respondent shall therefore enter his or her answer at the pre-hearing conference.

[CGD 98-3472, 64 FR 28062, May 24, 1999, as amended by USCG-2006-24371, 74 FR 11211, Mar. 16, 2009]