Title 33

SECTION 20.1103

20.1103 Availability of decisions.

§ 20.1103 Availability of decisions.

(a)(1) Copies and indexes of decisions on appeal are available for inspection and copying at -

(i) The document inspection facility at the office of any Coast Guard District, Activity, or Sector Office;

(ii) The public reading room at Coast Guard Headquarters; and

(iii) The public reading room of the Coast Guard ALJ Docketing Center; Baltimore, Maryland.

(2) Appellate decisions in S&R proceedings, and both appellate and ALJs' decisions on class II civil penalties, are available on the Department of Transportation Home Page at www.dot.gov or the Coast Guard Home Page at www.uscg.mil.

(b) Any person wanting a copy of a decision may place a request with the Hearing Docket Clerk. The Clerk will bill the person on the terms prescribed in 49 CFR 7.43.

[CGD98-3472, 64 FR 28062, May 24, 1999, as amended by USCG-2006-25556, 72 FR 36327, July 2, 2007]