Title 33


8.5 Regulations for the Coast Guard Reserve.

§ 8.5 Regulations for the Coast Guard Reserve.

(a) Regulations for the Coast Guard Reserve are established by the Commandant.

(b) Permanent regulations are published in Coast Guard publications and manuals and include the following:

(1) Coast Guard Regulations.

(2) Coast Guard Organization Manual.

(3) Coast Guard Reserve Policy Manual.

(4) Personnel Manual.

(5) Recruiting Manual.

(6) Military Justice Manual.

(7) Comptroller Manual.

(c) Temporary regulations and orders affecting Reservists are included in instructions or notices in the Coast Guard directives system.

(d) Other regulations that affect the Reserve are located in Department of Defense and Department of the Navy regulations in Title 32 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

[CGD 96-026, 61 FR 33662, June 28, 1996, as amended by CGD 97-023, 62 FR 33362, June 19, 1997]