Title 33


8.3 Organization of the Coast Guard Reserve.

§ 8.3 Organization of the Coast Guard Reserve.

(a) The Coast Guard Reserve is organized, trained and equipped under the direction of the Commandant.

(b) The Director of Reserve and Training is responsible for the overall administration and supervision of the Reserve.

(c) In Atlantic Area, Integrated Support Commands have responsibility for local Reserve issues; however, in Pacific Area, responsibility for local Reserve issues remains with District Commanders.

(d) Most Coast Guard Reservists are fully integrated into active duty Coast Guard units. There, Reservists perform the same duties and have the same responsibilities as their active duty counterparts. Their integrated work prepares Reservists to perform the duties of their mobilization assignments while at the same time providing assistance to the active service. Some Reservists are assigned to dedicated Reserve units where they train and mobilize in support of national defense operations.

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