Title 33

SECTION 74.20-1

74.20-1 Buoy and vessel use costs.

§ 74.20-1 Buoy and vessel use costs.

(a) The buoy and vessel use costs for establishing, maintaining, repairing, replacing, or removing an aid to navigation under the requirements of this part are contained in COMDTINST 7310 (series) which is available from the District Budget Office of the appropriate Coast Guard District Commander.

(b) Buoy and vessel use charges under this part are made for the cost or value of time, in hours, consumed by the Government vessel, including ship's complement, employed in marking the obstruction. No charge for time and expense of Coast Guard vessels is made when the marking of the obstruction causes only minimal interruption of routinely scheduled ship's duty.

[CGD 81-051, 48 FR 15468, Apr. 11, 1983, as amended by USCG-2000-7223, 65 FR 40055, June 29, 2000]