Title 33

SECTION 67.05-10

67.05-10 Characteristics of obstruction lights.

§ 67.05-10 Characteristics of obstruction lights.

All obstruction lights required by this part shall be powered from a reliable power source, including auxiliary power sources as necessary. They shall display a quick-flash characteristic of approximately 60 flashes per minute, unless prescribed otherwise in the permit issued by the District Commander. Their color shall be white when marking Class “A” and “B” structures, and either white or red, as prescribed by the District Commander, when marking Class “C” structures. In determining whether white or red lights shall be authorized, the District Commander shall take into consideration matters concerning, but not necessarily limited to, the dimensions of the structure and the depth of water in which it is located; the proximity of the structure to vessel routes; the nature and amount of vessel traffic; and the effect of background lighting.