Title 33

SECTION 66.05-5

66.05-5 Definitions.

§ 66.05-5 Definitions.

(a) The term State waters for private aids to navigation means those navigable waters of the United States which the Commandant, upon request of a State Administrator, has designated as waters within which a State government may regulate the establishment, operation, and maintenance of marine aids to navigation, including regulatory markers. The Commandant will entertain requests to make such designations with respect to navigable waters of the United States not marked by the Federal government. These designations when approved will be set forth in separate sections by States in this subpart and will briefly describe or identify waters so designated.

(b) The term Uniform State Waterway Marking System (USWMS) means the system of private aids to navigation which may be operated in State waters. Subpart 66.10, which describes the USWMS, expires on December 31, 2003.

(c) The term State Administrator means the official of a State having power under the law of the State to regulate, establish, operate or maintain maritime aids to navigation on waters over which the State has jurisdiction.

(d) The term State aids to navigation means all private marine aids to navigation operated in State waters for private aids to navigation, whether owned by a State, political subdivisions thereof or by individuals, corporations, or organizations.

(e) The term regulate State maritime aids to navigation means to control the establishment, disestablishment, operation and maintenance of State aids to navigation.

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